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About Us

About Us

As a leading New Zealand law firm, we believe in the power of collaboration, and that when specialisation and expertise combine in a collaborative environment, exceptional outcomes are created for our clients.

We are the law firm that clients turn to for help on the matters most important to them.

We use our collective knowledge and expertise and we gain immense satisfaction from working together to develop solutions to the complex and sophisticated challenges our clients present. 

Our Firm is built around three core pillars, Our People, Our Place and Our Law.

Our People

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The people of Tompkins Wake are what make our firm and we are different from other law firms in the way we think, work and behave. We value the diversity of our team across the firm which gives us originality in our thinking and approach. We see diversity as a strength and we value the fresh perspectives each member of the Tompkins Wake team brings.

We are real people and our different backgrounds fuel our culture. Through the diversity of our team, our advice and counsel are enhanced. Our people’s backgrounds, cultures, experiences and skills fuel fresh thinking, new ideas, unique perspectives and insights allowing us to continually develop new and better solutions.

We don’t just say we are one team, it’s how we act and behave across all our offices. Our clients get knowledge, experience, and expertise from across the firm on every matter, every day. We encourage and support each other, and celebrate success together.

Our Place

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"Our Place" describes our physical location and our role in contributing to building stronger communities and a more prosperous New Zealand.

We are deliberately and intentionally positioned to be regionally present while working with a national focus. The firm is headquartered in Hamilton, with offices also in Auckland and Rotorua creating a stronger connection to our clients and communities. We strive to make a tangible and positive difference to the communities we serve and to New Zealand through our work and the outcomes we generate. This extends to the pro bono work and other charitable and community-focused support, and by being a responsible and ethical business. Our client's success is our success.

We are one partnership across our geographical locations, working together, sharing the risk and rewards of our business and with an overriding mission to make a positive difference and leave the firm in better shape than we inherited it.

Our Law

“Our law” describes our style, the Tompkins Wake way.

Our firm style is to tell the client as much about the law as they need or want to know. We don’t write long legalistic opinions if we can avoid it. Our aim is to give concise advice, focused on the outcome, containing clear recommendations. We aim to be constructive and easy to deal with because we know our clients’ interests are generally not served by a combative, aggressive, overly technical or legalistic approach.

As a team of experts and specialists, we work together collaboratively ensuring our clients get the best advice and counsel on every matter. We are honest, fair and beyond reproach and we won't sacrifice our ethical standards for anyone. 

At Tompkins Wake, our approach is focused on: 

  • Providing timely, responsive client-focused advice; 
  • Developing a deep understanding of your needs; 
  • Providing pragmatic advice tailored to meet your objectives; 
  • Developing a trust and confidence relationship with you by investing time to build relationships.
  • Working with you to refine your legal services procurement, optimising your spend and maximising efficiency and outcomes we create.
  • Being accessible and focused on your needs, regularly traveling to your places of business. 
  • Proactively updating you on active matters and identifying and prioritising organisational risks from a commercial and political perspective. 

Gender Equality Charter

Tompkins Wake is committed to improving equality and inclusion and in 2018, signed the NZLS Gender Equality Charter Tūtohinga Ira Tangata Ōrite. 

Being a signatory to the charter will lead us to develop best practices on inclusion and diversity for the benefit of our people and the legal profession.

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