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In Our Communities

In Our Communities

As a firm that’s been part of our local communities for nearly 100 years, we believe that actively supporting and helping make a positive difference in our communities is a key part of our DNA, and contributes to creating better outcomes for our clients, for our people and for New Zealand.

It’s a responsibility we take incredibly seriously and something we are proud of and we do this in 3 key ways:

  1. Being a great employer (Click here to learn more)
  2. Giving back to our communities
  3. Working to make a positive difference to New Zealand

Giving back to our communities

We believe in supporting our communities by getting involved and contributing where we can help make a difference. Our people currently give their time to the following organisations:

Community Partnerships


As a founding sponsor of the CELF program we are proud to be contributing to building stronger leaders and communities. The aim of the programme is to build future leaders from all walks of life who can re-imagine wealth creation from social, environmental, cultural and economic perspectives.

The 17-day leadership programme runs over 10 months, with participants mentored on how to develop their own leadership competencies, working on their own company, organisation or community-based projects.

Tompkins Wake supports 2 candidates through CELF every year selected for their ability to make positive and impactful change in their organisation and community.


Sport Waikato Logo 

Sport Waikato was founded in 1986 to cover the area from Coromandel to Turangi and Waihi to Kawhia, with a population of approximately 382,000. Each person is a potential client of Sport Waikato, its role being to get and keep the communities of the region active. Sport Waikato employs approximately 70 full time staff members around the region. Sport Waikato's main office is in Hamilton.

Sport Waikato is a Charitable Trust governed by a Board of Trustees and managed by a Chief Executive. Tompkins Wake has been associated with Sport Waikato since its inception with various partners sitting as Trustees since 1986. Partner Phil Taylor is currently a Trustee and Board member at Sport Waikato.

Tompkins Wake also supports Sport Waikato as sponsor of the Performance Coach of the Year award at the Waikato Regional Sports Awards.


momentum waikato full logo

Momentum Waikato Community Foundation is an independent, permanent resource for high impact philanthropic giving within the Waikato region. We link generous donors to strategic charitable investments targeted at transformational change, whilst building a permanent endowment for the benefit of generations to come.

Momentum Waikato works by pooling funds to have a greater impact in bringing about positive and powerful social change. The Foundation is part of a global movement where communities are taking back responsibility for finding solutions to their own challenges.

Tompkins Wake is proud to be a corporate partner to Momentum Waikato and provide pro-bono legal services.

VW logo hi res horizontal2

Volunteering Waikato has two main objectives - to ensure community groups get the volunteers they need, and to ensure that volunteers get the most out of their decision to give their time, energy and passion. Tompkins Wake is proud to support Volunteering Waikato and the annual Volunteer Excellence Awards.



NCAA logo 0

The National Contemporary Art Award can be described as brave, colourful and never shy, an award which takes on an exciting genre – contemporary art. Contemporary art is simply described as art that has been and continues to be created during our lifetimes. In other words, contemporary to us. Or more simply, the art of now. Tompkins Wake is the major sponsor of this nationally recognised award and we are proud to support the arts. http://waikatomuseum.co.nz/exhibitions-and-events/art-awards/ 


Dairy Womans Network

The Dairy Women’s Network (DWN) is a kiwi not-for-profit organisation, built on a can-do attitude with its primary focus to create occasions for women (and men) to get off farm and connect with others.  

DWN develop, facilitate and promote events and initiatives for members to acquire industry-based knowledge and soft skills. Through a nation-wide network of members supported by volunteer regional leaders they coordinate activity across New Zealand.

Tompkins Wake is proud to sponsor the DWN Dairy Community Leadership Award recognising a dairying woman who is making a significant contribution in her local rural community, through leadership and support.

Pro Bono

Pro Bono work allows us to contribute with impact and to better understand the organisations we support. Over the past year we have completed significant Pro Bono work for the following organisations helping make a positive difference and assisting their growth: 

  • Waikato Woman's Refuge
  • Hamilton Gardens Trust
  • Momentum Foundation
  • Agenda Waikato
  • Rotorua Community Hospice Trust
  • Geyser Community Foundation
  • Bryans Beach Water Society Inc
  • Rotorua Golf Club Inc. 


RAW (reclaim Another Woman) is a charitable social venture set up by Annah Stretton to work with recidivist female offenders, giving them real choice to make a behavioural change, by replacing amplifying criminal activity through scholarshiped education and negotiated work. Tompkins Wake is proud to support RAW and provide pro-bono services.


Stop the Bus Charitable Trust (a play on ‘stop the abuse’) was born from a belief that small kindnesses can be as powerful as big systems. The Trust believes that positive community led initiatives are vital if children in New Zealand are to be valued and live lives free of violence and fear.  The Trust aims to raise awareness about child abuse and provide discussion, ideas and inspiration for how people can tangibly help children in their own communities.

Tompkins Wake is proud to support Stop the Bus and provide pro-bono services. Partner Campbell Stewart is also a Trustee.